Lighthouse Financial Advice

Advising Individuals and Businesses for Wiser Financial Decisions

Lighthouse Financial Advice is one of our largest and most active divisions of professional financial advisers. Our advisers operate across the UK and conduct in-depth, personal financial reviews for individuals and businesses. We aim to help implement wiser financial decisions in areas of saving and investments, insurance, mortgages, protections, amongst others. 

Our advisers operate a restricted advice model as we have chosen to avoid product types that we consider are likely to be too high risk. The advice we provide is classified as restricted in terms of the products we recommend, but not restricted by the providers and investment managers we recommend.

Different stages of life – whether you’re starting out in your career, building or buying a home or planning for retirement – present complex financial needs that require specific strategies to meet evolving goals. As such, our advisers are specialised in coordinating your current life circumstances and finances with future goals, creating a likelihood and timeline of meeting those goals based on four essential elements:

  • An in depth understanding of your attitudes towards risk and your capacity for loss.
  • Diligent analysis of the entirety of your financial circumstances supported by an intimate working relationship with a local adviser
  • Professional service founded on industry-leading ethical standards
  • An emphasis on practical, easy-to-execute advice

Our advisers also stress the virtue of a strong local presence, and your adviser can work with you at your home, the office, a suitable local venue or wherever is best. The value of this intimacy is the profound insight that our advisers can use to better devise appropriate financial strategies. Likewise, our advisers use a rounded perspective to advise upon both the financial prospects in your local area, as well as among national and world financial markets (e.g. global investment markets, leading UK insurance and investment product providers).

In addition to financial guidance for individuals, Lighthouse Financial Advice works with numerous employee organisations and affinity groups around the UK. We offer financial planning seminars and surgeries in the workplace founded on the notion of helping individuals better manage their finances.

You can select a preferred method of paying for our advisory services based on the complexity of your financial circumstances and objectives, the type and the number of products we implement for you and the basis on which our recommendations are made.

For investments, you and your Lighthouse adviser will agree upon a fee that you can pay directly to us or that the investment provider can deduct from your investment. For insurance and mortgages, you can pay by commission or a fee. Your adviser will discuss and conclude fees and payment options with you in advance before carrying out any work on your behalf.

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