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Workplace Pensions and Auto Enrolment

All UK employers are required to automatically enrol eligible employees into a workplace pension scheme and contribute to it regularly. On the surface, auto enrolment is a powerful tool helping employees overcome the inertia of retirement saving. Yet, putting it into practice comes with numerous challenges for employers. With the help of local Lighthouse auto enrolment advisers, we can ease the burden of auto enrolment by advising a cost-effective workplace pension scheme suitable to your company and your finances.

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Whether you employ 200 staff members in a large firm or a single assistant, you have certain legal obligations to automatically enrol employees in a workplace pension scheme. Despite every employer in the UK being affected by auto enrolment, many still linger in the dark about what this entails and how it will affect their businesses.

As workplace pension experts, a team of Lighthouse auto enrolment advisers offer guidance regarding your legal duties in establishing a workplace pension scheme for your employees. Moreover, you can expect the following advantages from your Lighthouse adviser:

  • Through an extensive review of the many diverse pensions schemes in the UK (as well as the providers running these schemes), a Lighthouse pensions adviser will help locate the ideal pensions scheme optimised for your company size and financial circumstances.
  • Lighthouse will help create a business forecast exhibiting how your auto enrolment scheme may affect your business’s income and expenses.
  • In establishing, adding to or maintaining a workplace pension scheme, you have a specific set of mandatory legal duties. Failure to abide by these duties could potentially result in sanctions. As such, your Lighthouse adviser can walk you through the specific actions you must take. We will help you overcome the complexities of auto enrolment while distinguishing what you must do from what you can do.

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Important Information: Our automatic enrolment services are not covered by the rules and guidance of the Financial Conduct Authority and we are obliged to comply with the rules and guidance of The Pensions Regulator in advising on matters pertaining to automatic enrolment.

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