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Workplace benefits play an important role in empowering your employees and consequently, strengthening the internal operations of your company. We can help implement a range of cost-effective, yet highly valuable workplace benefits, suitable to your company size and employee needs. We can review your company’s current financial assets and expenses that help you decide on the most suitable benefits for employees.

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One question that’s quite difficult for anyone to confront is; if you suddenly died, what financial condition would you leave your family in? It is a concern many working men and women in the UK hold. For this reason, employees place considerable value upon a life insurance scheme or death-in-service insurance policy as part of a workplace benefits package.

With the aid of a local Lighthouse financial adviser, we can help you find an optimised balance between cost-effectiveness and policy impact.

  • Our financial experts boast an experienced understanding of the insurance provider industry, and we’ll present an array of options to suit your company’s size and needs.
  • We will conduct a review of your company’s finances in relation to future goals and based on this information, help strategise a long-term delivery of life insurance benefits to your staff.
  • Depending on your company’s circumstances, we’ll explore the differences between death-in-service and life insurance, helping you uncover the most potent plan for employees.

Lighthouse has witnessed the efficacy of life insurance plans in the workplace. As we’ve seen, employees and their families place immense value on a secure financial future aided by a comprehensive policy.

The National Health Service (NHS) is one of the great achievements of our country; however, it isn’t without faults. By providing private medical insurance (PMI) to employees, you’re essentially investing in their health, well-being and futures. With greater emphasis placed on health, you could experience less absenteeism and healthier employees, potentially saving you money in the long term.

Lighthouse’s longstanding relationships with many prominent insurance providers across the UK allows us to search flexible policies appropriate for a cost-effective implementation.

Your employees are the lifeblood of the company. There are always a handful of key employees that bind your entire operation together, whether through leadership, exceptional work ethics or indispensable skills. Key employee protection is a type of insurance that, in the unfortunate death or long-term illness of a key person, helps the business prepare for the financial setbacks that could occur.

With a local Lighthouse financial adviser, we’ll explore various strategies to hopefully insulate your business against such loss. Using our knowledge of the market and longstanding relationships with UK insurance providers, we will provide advice on a series of key person insurance policies suitable to both your company’s circumstances and the key person’s role and significance.

Never let the loss of a key employee gravely affect your company financially or its quality and reputation. Your Lighthouse adviser can help you prepare for this situation through industry-leading advice and financial solutions.

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