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Advice for members

Millions of individuals throughout the UK, from all walks of life, form the membership of the employee organisations and affinity groups that we are tasked with delivering financial planning solutions to.

Build that nest egg, plan and budget your income and savings for future financial goals, and develop a financial security designed to cope with whatever life brings along. Our Lighthouse Group Financial Solutions advisers are highly proficient in advising on NHS, teachers’ and other public sector pension schemes. We work with each of our partner organisations to deliver appropriate and relevant financial solutions, giving members a sound financial plan to help them reach their financial goals.*

Affinity Organisations

Members of the following groups, click your logo below:

Complimentary Consultation

If you’re a member of one of our associated affinity groups or partners, we will be happy to schedule a complimentary initial consultation so that you can discover how financial advice can help you maintain financial security and reach diverse goals. We’ll explore your current financial circumstances taking into consideration your future goals and provide our expert insight and recommendations to outline areas that may need to be addressed or have the potential for improvement.

Seminar & Surgery Days

Each year we deliver hundreds of financial planning seminars and financial surgeries across the UK. Attending our events enables you to gain a broad understanding of financial issues such as retirement planning, inheritance tax, protection, maximising income in retirement and wealth management. We like to keep our seminars both intimate and personal, giving participants a comfortable atmosphere where they can be part of the conversation.

Partner with us

We offer members of partnered organisations complimentary initial consultations, as well as financial seminars and Surgery Days. But more importantly, we ensure market-leading financial advice to all members. If you don’t see your organisation above, Lighthouse Group Financial Solutions would be happy to speak with you about entering our affinity group program. If you would like to align your organisation with us: Call: 08000 85 85 90 or email