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Auto enrolment is a reality for many UK businesses, but this doesn’t mean that setting up a workplace pension scheme has to be expensive and time-consuming. Lighthouse Group set up the Lighthouse Pensions Trust (part of the Corporate Pensions Trust or CPT) in 2014 as a straightforward, value for money solution to enable employers to satisfy their auto-enrolment requirements. Following regulatory changes which came into effect in April 2019, employers and members within the CPT are being transferred to the Auto-Enrolment Master Trust operated by Smart Pension Limited.

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What is the Lighthouse Pensions Trust?

The Lighthouse Pensions Trust is part of the Corporate Pensions Trust established in January 2014 and sponsored by Lighthouse Group to provide a cost-effective way for small and medium sized businesses to satisfy their obligations to establish and maintain a workplace pension scheme that complies with auto-enrolment legislation. Employers using the Lighthouse Pensions Trust are fully supported by advisers and support staff within the Lighthouse Group, both on initial establishment of their schemes and in subsequent maintenance and updating them.

Following the introduction by the Pensions Regulator of a new mandatory authorisation scheme for Master Trusts providing auto-enrolment compliant workplace pensions schemes, Lighthouse Group reviewed the position and concluded that it could no longer support the Corporate Pensions Trust in making an application to the Pensions Regulator for authorisation under the new regime, due to the substantial additional costs that would arise. Accordingly in January 2019 Lighthouse Group made an announcement to that effect and advised the Pensions Regulator of its intention to effect the transfer of existing employers and members of the Corporate Pensions Trust to the Auto-Enrolment Master Trust, operated by Smart Pension Limited. The announcement can be seen here.

As a result of the above, the Corporate Pensions Trust (CPT) is no longer able to accept applications to join it from new employers. The Auto-Enrolment Master Trust (AEMT) has received authorisation from the Pensions Regulator on 3 September 2019 and all parties are now fully engaged on the process to facilitate the transfer of current employers and members within CPT and the related existing benefits and future contributions from CPT to AEMT. 

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Risk Warning: A Pension is a long-term investment. The fund value may fluctuate and can go down. Your eventual income may depend upon the size of the fund at retirement, future interest rates and tax legislation.

Please Note: Although our automatic enrolment services are not covered by the rules and guidance of the FCA, we are applying best practice and disclose to all clients the information contained within this document. We are also obliged to comply with the rules and guidance of The Pensions Regulator in advising you on matters pertaining to automatic enrolment and the Lighthouse Pensions Trust.

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